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What they say about us



Université Laval

"Managium's expertise has definitely contributed to the success of our SoyaGen project. Whether for the assembly of the request or for the complete management (science, finance, annual meetings), their experience was most useful and greatly facilitated my task. They know what they are doing and we feel confident."



McGill University

"Since 2015, we have had a fruitful and professional relationship with Managium. They were very supportive and invested in the success of our research project. They have proposed creative solutions and developed customized tools for a range of our critical scientific and administrative needs, created databases to monitor biological samples and manage complex budgets. We are very fortunate to partner with Managium."



University of Guelph

"I have had the pleasure to work with Francis and Pascal on two major Genome Canada funded grants and numerous other grant proposals.  Their project management and attention to detail are incredible.  Their knowledge of budgets and reporting requirements was essential to the successful completion of the projects.  I highly recommend Managium to any researcher who needs project management help."



McGill University

"I referred Managium to McGill researchers who were developing complex, large-scale proposals for various competitions. Managium experts have successfully collaborated with our researchers and contributed to the convincing positioning of their proposals. They really want the researchers to succeed!"

Morag Park_McGill_web.jpg


McGill University

"Managium was referred to us when we were preparing our FACS application. They took over the budget and made sure we were meeting all the program’s rules and ratios. They did such a good job that we hired them after to manage the budget and assist us for the project."

Roger Lévesque.jpg


Université Laval

"We have been working with Managium since 2014, a highly professional company for the management of several large scientific projects. Managium has been instrumental in providing expertise for the preparation of several proposals containing detailed management strategies and facing the challenges of detailed reporting on a regular basis. They have been of outstanding support throughout the lifespan of our Genome Canada projects.

As well-recognized experts in management and reporting, they developed custom and useful tools for both science and budget follow-up, an essential increment for success. During the preparation of proposals and during the project, they know exactly what Genome Canada and the Genome Centers are expecting. That knowledge allowed us to focus on the main scientific aspects of our projects. Overall, their incentive for successful teamwork, executive capabilities, their maturity and vision in dealing with the challenges of human interactions and professional resolution of challenges makes Managium an exceptional organization to work with. This is priceless to deliver what has been proposed."



Université Laval

"The work is well done and the funding organizations we work with are always satisfied. With their experience, they are competent and follow up diligently, which saves us a lot of time and glitches."

Serge Laberge web.jpg


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

"Researchers with different expertise, I had several in my project. What I was missing was an experienced project manager who could advise me on different aspects. Managium took over several parts of the project management so that I could take care of the science."

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